The result of a
rigorous winemaking process

Maturation in oak barrels, gentle pressing and long ageing on slats … and excellence throughout all stages of our champagne making process.

of the most natural methods

The grapes which our champagnes are made from are naturally higher in sugar due to the amount of sunshine they receive, and this allows us to reduce the amount of sugar added during manufacture. So, the sugar in our champagnes is more natural. Out of concern for our consumers, we also limit the amount of sulphites added, a preservative which sometimes causes headaches.

A taste
for elegance

Our bottles, which are blown in Italy, are elegant and refined, just like the champagne they contain.

Discover our champagnes

The quest
for perfect balance

Our champagnes are subtle and well-balanced and known for their delicate bubbles, which are obtained as a result of a delicate winemaking process and a long time spent resting on slats at a low temperature. They are also known for their low acidity, due to grapes which are sweeter as a result of more exposure to sunshine in the south of the Champagne region, and which we pick when they are perfectly mature.